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Wear One,

Share One

My hoodie is a goodie that keeps me warm. ”

”When I’m warm I can learn.”

”Thank you for my gift!
— the Kids

245,000 Kiwi kids are going to school cold this winter.

A snugly warm hoodie to wear to school can make a big difference to a child in need. That's why we started Double Happy.

Shop Double Happy and share the love!

One cosy warm hoodie for you or your child, one cosy warm hoodie for a child in need.

Or pledge a Double Happy Double-Up and we’ll give away TWO hoodies to kids in need.

This year, to speed things up, we are PRE-PRINTING a whole batch of Kids Hoodies. So order now to get Double Happy, double quick!





Double Happy ‘Wear One, Share One’ hoodies are priced at $49.95.

Every order buys TWO hoodies: one for you and one for a child in need. Our hoodies are NZ designed, ethically made, and hardwearing.

By popular demand, we’re also doing an adult crew sweater in men’s and women’s sizes this year priced at $65.00

If you don’t need a hoodie or a sweater yourself but would still love to help, you can order a Double Happy Double-Up, and we’ll give away TWO hoodies to kids in need.

This is one of the very best ways to help.





With recent statistics showing more than 245,000 Kiwi kids are living in poverty, we decided we had to help. We talked to several primary school principals to better understand the needs of these children.

Principals agreed there were already some great initiatives underway to provide basics such as food, footwear and raincoats, but they also raised the hidden issue of sickness and absenteeism. They told us that lack of warm clothing continued to cause health issues for their pupils, and impacted attendance.

This is where a little idea like Double Happy can make a big difference for some kids.

Our students were so thankful for their hoodie last year, especially at a time where colds and flus would keep our students away from school. Having that extra layer in winter helped the students stay warm and healthy.
— Partner School Principal
Thank you so much for the hoodies. The hoodies are such fantasic quality and really warm. There is a huge need for them in our community as many of our students come to school without warm clothing. The kids who have recieved the hoodies have been so appreciative and look awesome wearing them!
— Partner School Principal